Project information
My Roles: Prototyping, UI Design, Video Editing, Animation
Team: Imani Ritchards, Dahkota Varela, and Valeria Aguirre
Timeline: Two weeks
Each group was paired with a nonprofit partner and tasked to create a Snap feature to address on our partner organization's pain points. We had two weeks to complete this project. The brief was open-ended, and it was up to us to determine the best way to address this challenge.
Our Partner & Mission
My group's partner was Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition or SVTC. SVTC is an organization that advocates for sustainable product life-cycle and manufacturing within the solar industry. They address investors and wholesale consumers, but are unable to prioritize reaching the general public. 
Our mission is to inform and engage the Snapchat audience with the broader discussion of E-waste in the consumer electronics industry and energize people to ethically recycle their old devices.
Our Approach
We decided to create a cohesive 360 campaign that leverages snap technology to address and educate users about the harmful impact of e-waste on our environment, and the importance of responsibly recycling old devices.
I created this short commercial to show off all the aspects of our campaign! Enjoy :)
The Final Result
This year, the SDA was remote, meaning our final showcase was remote. That's great news for you, because now you can watch our final video the way we presented it. Please take a look below to learn more about our Snap campaign for SVTC. 
Thank you for viewing!
Process, notes, and research coming soon!

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